The Book Thief

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


The purpose of a literature circle is to discuss and analyze the assigned reading. This requires talking to each other and cooperating. Each group member is expected to come to class prepared. Your group should be discussing the reading together. There is no student who should be off to the side not doing anything to contribute to the group. If you need help, please ask: there are several directions, which could become confusing. If you read all of the directions and talk with your group, you will not have a problem doing your assigned task. You know our class motto: Do your best!

I have included some extra notes for each task below:

Role # 1: Literary Enhancer: This person should choose 3-5 passages from the chapter for discussion and or reading aloud within your group. You may also read the passages aloud when your group presents its finding. Passages might be chosen because they contain:

Interesting dialogue
Appealing description
Exciting, funny, crucial parts
Examples of the author’s style
Examples of literary techniques, such as characterization, flashback, metaphor, etc.

Role # 2: Vocabulary EnricherChoose 5-7 vocabulary words from the chapter to present to the group. Good word choices could be::

Unfamiliar words with good context clues
Unfamiliar words to look up in the dictionary
Words used in a unique way
Foreign words, technical words, or words that are hard to pronounce.
Also-try to create an analogy. For example, hot is to cold as day is to night. Or, ring is to finger as sock is to foot. There are several ways to go about this task. Be creative.

Role # 3: Discussion Director:This person’s task varies. Roles include calling the group to order, reading aloud discussion questions (that you create with the group) acknowledge members who are ready to share ideas, guiding the discussion so that most of the questions are considered during the time period allotted for discussion. The discussion director should prepare 5-8 questions about the chapter and summarize the chapter in at least five sentences. Also, do not forget to make predictions about the Who, What and Where of the next section even if it may be a few chapters away.

Role # 4: Group Recorder:This person fills in the group recorder sheet, collects assignments, and turns in papers to the teacher, in order. This person must also do the Art Connection OR the World Connection.

There will be one activity left over after the group recorder chooses the art connection or the world connection. If your group only consists of four people, assign the remaining task to the vocabulary enricher or come to some type of agreement as to who will complete the remaining task (the art connection or the world connection).

Check List of Literature Circle Roles:

ü Role # 1: Literary Enhancer
ü Role # 2: Vocabulary Enricher
ü Role # 3: Discussion Director
ü Role # 4: Group Recorder
ü Art Connection and World Connection